Community Solar

Delivering on the promise of community solar.

Many businesses and consumers are interested in using renewable energy but their buildings are not good candidates for rooftop solar. The reasons can include: roof age, orientation or ownership issues. Community Solar (sometimes called Shared Solar or Shared Renewables) allows everyone access to clean, local renewable energy. It’s a win for all of us.

3Degrees has offered Community Solar marketing and advisory services since 2012. We work with utilities and developers on issues such as:


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Facility sizing and

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Ownership (of facility
and resulting RECs)

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Customer acquisition
and retention

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Whether you are a developer seeking assistance in marketing your project or a utility looking for a turn-key program, we have the skills and experience to help.

The Evolution of Community Solar

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Mid 2000

At first, community solar was just that, small groups of neighbors building a local solar project and sharing the energy output.

large community solar project

From humble beginnings, community solar has expanded, particularly in states (such as Colorado) where regulations promote buying energy from specific solar facilities.

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2014 - present

Today, there are many varieties of community solar operating in fully regulated states and those with retail choice.  Facilities are owned by community groups, third party developers and utilities.

Community solar partners

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What makes us different

  • Ten years of experience in marketing renewable energy to businesses and consumers
  • Experienced in selling renewable energy in both regulated and deregulated environments
  • Currently marketing two of the first voluntary, utility-led community solar programs
  • Experts at and FTC guidance on marketing renewable energy
  • Built and implemented numerous award-winning marketing campaigns for our clients


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