Steve McDougal
CEO and Co-founder
Steve McDougal with 3Degrees
With 3Degrees (previously part of 3 Phases) since 2003
Honors B.A. Political Science and Economics, Colorado College; MBA, Northwestern University

After a highly-successful run in strategic marketing at CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive), Steve decided to turn his talents to pursuing what he saw as an urgent issue: addressing climate change. While admittedly always having a green streak, the career change was inspired by Mark Hertsgaard’s narrative Earth Odyssey and a serendipitous introduction years later with Hertsgaard himself. When Steve came across 3 Phases through a press release about a family farm’s small REC purchase, things fell into place. In 2003, he joined 3 Phases as the director of marketing and business development.

In partnership with Dan Kalafatas, Steve formed 3Degrees (previously part of 3 Phases) in 2007. For the next four years, he successfully led 3Degrees’ Retail REC and Carbon Offset group as the vice president of marketing and business development, becoming the company president in 2012. Today, he oversees all day-to-day operations while directing the development of corporate strategy as 3Degrees’ CEO.

When taking a break from his CEO responsibilities, Steve enjoys coaching his kids’ sports teams, skiing and learning to play piano. He also sits on the board of a mid-sized educational and environmental foundation. Earth Odyssey still sits on his bookshelf.

Dan Kalafatas
Executive Chairman and Co-founder
Dan Kalafatas with 3Degrees
With 3Degrees (previously part of 3 Phases) since 2002
Honors B.A. Economics, Dartmouth College; MBA with a certificate in Public Management, Stanford University

In graduate school at Stanford, Dan sat in on a speech delivered by T.J. Glautier, former Deputy Secretary and COO of the U.S. Department of Energy under the Clinton administration. It resonated with Dan, inspiring him to play a part in building the renewable energy sector in the United States to address climate change.

In 2007, Dan co-led the formation of 3Degrees with Steve McDougal, a spin-off of the 3 Phases Energy Services division Dan co-founded and ran from 2002 through 2007. Under Dan’s leadership as CEO (until January 2015), 3Degrees successfully entered the utility green pricing, REC and carbon offset markets. Currently, he serves as the executive chairman of 3Degrees’ board of directors, focusing on strategic initiatives and the company’s long-term corporate strategy.

When Dan isn’t building double bottom-line businesses, he lives with his wife and three children in Marin County. Dan also serves on the board of trustees of the Mark Day School and is an advisor to the Palo Alto Impact Center and the National Professional Science Master’s Association.

Sumit Kapur
Chief Financial Officer
Sumit Kapur with 3Degrees
With 3Degrees since 2012

In a nutshell, Sumit likes building things. Equations. Data. Processes. Websites. He also enjoys building businesses.

With a strong belief that the finance function can leverage its position at the center of a company’s data and processes to drive growth, Sumit has co-founded several successful startups. After working on Wall Street as a vice president at Morgan Stanley for several years, he transitioned into the residential solar leasing business as the vice president of finance at Sungevity, with the purpose of using his talents to make a positive impact on the environment. While previously overseeing both finance and IT at 3Degrees, he now solely focuses on leading our finance and accounting teams.

Born in Jaipur, India and raised in South Dakota, Sumit enjoys home improvement projects and playing the ukulele. He also serves on the board of the Bay Area Leadership Foundation, an education- and opportunity-gap nonprofit.

Adam Capage
VP, Corporate and Government Affairs
Adam Capage with 3Degrees

For as long as he can remember, Adam saw promise in harnessing the sun’s energy. He took his first stab at doing just that when, at age nine, he drew a picture of plans for a solar powered car — complete with solar panels on top.

He has been at it ever since, developing new business approaches to increasing the adoption of solar and wind energy while growing the market for utility-sponsored green power programs. His 22 years of experience in the energy industry spans positions at E Source and the Colorado Governor’s Office of Energy Conservation, in addition to various industry leadership roles.  Today Adam serves as the company’s brand ambassador, representing 3Degrees products, services and policy policy positions at conferences, trade groups, and with clients.   

When not working on developing new approaches to expanding renewable energy, Adam enjoys playing ping pong and spending time with his wife and two daughters. He also serves as an advisor to Northern Arizona University’s Master’s in Climate Science and Solutions program.

Erin Craig
VP, Energy and Climate Practice
With 3Degrees since 2017
B.S. Geophysics, Stanford University; M.S. Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In the early 1990s, Erin worked for a small computer company called Apple Computer, heading up the company’s efforts to rid products and suppliers of environmentally-hazardous substances. Call it her premier technical education, passion for climate science, knack for numbers, or all of the above — Erin was only getting started.

Since then, she’s made a name for herself as a leading climate consultant, bringing over 25 years of experience as a regulator, consultant and corporate leader (with the technical chops to back it up). Having worked at big names like Apple, Salesforce, and Sun Microsystems, Erin found her niche at Origin Climate (originally TerraPass) when she led the organization’s expansion into carbon offset project origination and renewable energy services in 2007. Today, Erin heads up our consulting business as the vice president of our energy and climate practice.

When the sun is shining, Erin listens to audiobooks while tending vegetables in her Silicon Valley backyard garden. After dark, she likes to relax with Jean-Luc Picard, Han Solo, her husband and rescue dogs (not necessarily in that order).

Scott Eidson
VP, Environmental Markets
Scott Eidson with 3Degrees
With 3Degrees since 2010
B.A. Economics, Wesleyan University; MBA, HEC Paris; M.A. International Business Law and Sustainability, Tufts University

Armed with two master’s degrees, four languages, one Peace Corps service and lifetime recognition as an Eagle Scout, Scott is what people would call “well-rounded.”

His passion for value-driven work and interest in double bottom-line businesses led him to pursue roles in community development post Peace Corps, including stints as an entrepreneur in residence at Pacific Community Ventures, where he developed a product to provide affordable healthcare to low- and middle-income employees, and a microfinance consultant in Africa and Latin America. His experience directing portfolio management at Bernstein Global Wealth Management elevated his financial expertise. Today, Scott brings his natural entrepreneurial prowess, mastery of metrics and passion for sustainability to lead our Environmental Markets team at 3Degrees.

When Scott isn’t living in foreign countries or overseeing environmental markets strategy, he enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, surfing (basically, outdoor activity) and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Kim Fiske
VP, Strategy and Corporate Development
Kim Fiske with 3Degrees
With 3Degrees since 2016
B.A. University of California, Berkeley; MBA, San Diego State University; MPH, San Diego State University; M.A. Bioethics and Society, King’s College London

Ten years in the clean energy field, two master’s degrees and a passion for the environment led Kim to King’s College London in 2014 to pursue a third master’s in bioethics. It was there she fully recognized the complexity and intensity of the climate change issue — writing her dissertation on the moral imperative for humanity to act on climate change.

Today, Kim oversees the 3Degrees strategic plan and identifies new opportunities for growth for the organization. Her 15 years of work in the energy industry – ten in renewables – span positions in the wind and solar business across functions such as: project acquisitions, strategic partnerships, development, financing and procurement. At Iberdrola Renewables, Kim managed and built the U.S. solar power business across all functions, closing the company’s first sale-leaseback financing structure for more than $100 million. As the director of wind asset management at PPM Energy, she developed and managed a team responsible for profit and loss of over 2,000 megawatts of wind assets.

Like all good Oregonians, Kim likes to explore the great outdoors with her dog (even in the rain); that is, when she isn’t busy getting master’s degrees.

Scott Martin
VP, Sales
With 3Degrees since 2016
B.A. Environmental Studies, University of San Diego

In 1992 — his last year in the Marine Corps — Scott was stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station on the island of Oahu. One weekend, he went surfing to clear his head. As he was floating in the ocean on his surfboard, he began reflecting on where he had been just a few months earlier: standing in a burning oil field in northern Kuwait. In that moment, the importance of reducing our dependency on fossil fuels for environmental and geopolitical reasons became clear.

Years later, while working towards an Environmental Studies degree, Scott accepted a part-time job with Green Mountain Energy to lead direct sales efforts in California. This unknowingly launched his career in environmental work. Today, Scott works as the Vice President of Sales at 3Degrees, leading a team that helps organizations integrate renewable energy into their long-term strategic plans while reducing their environmental impact.

Outside of work, Scott loves soccer, skiing and other outdoor sports. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and Wheaten Terrier, Sami.

Mark Mondik
VP, Carbon Markets
With 3Degrees since 2017
B.S. Finance, American University; MBA, Columbia University

With a strong curiosity about the world and a degree in finance, Mark started his career working in international development finance specializing in renewable energy projects. This in turn led to his work on carbon when he used carbon credits to finance a series of small hydropower projects in India in 2004.

And with that, he found a calling. Mark has a natural gift for monetizing environmental commodities and building demand for these products. He took that talent to TerraPass where he led a team that registered and sold more than five million carbon credits. After leading the restructuring of TerraPass into Origin Climate, Mark continued to focus on finding the right projects for customers, getting projects built, and innovating on new types of environmental commodities. As a vice president at 3Degrees, Mark will bring this expertise to the organization as he leads our carbon market business.  

When not putting deals together, Mark is rabid about soccer and hopes to start a 3Degrees soccer team. Mark also enjoys spending time with his two small children, hiking, reading classic literature, and watching movies.

Amanda Mortlock
VP, Utility Partnerships
Amanda Mortlock with 3Degrees
With 3Degrees (previously part of 3 Phases) since 2004
B.A. Spanish and Mathematics, Linfield College; MBA, University of Oregon

Twelve years ago, Amanda came to 3Degrees (previously part of 3 Phases) looking for a job that would allow her to make a positive impact in the world. One MBA, one husband, one dog, two daughters and several promotions later, she serves as the Vice President of Utility Partnerships at 3Degrees, overseeing all of our national utility partnerships.

In her role, Amanda brings over a decade of experience partnering with utilities to design, launch and manage some of the most successful voluntary renewable energy programs in the country. And with almost 15,000 bike-commuting miles logged — and nearly as many vegan meals prepared — she’s doing her part to make an impact.

When Amanda isn’t saving the world, you can find her exploring the Rose City with her family. From hiking to biking to camping, and actually enjoying the rain, Amanda is a true Oregonian at heart.

Katie Soroye
VP, Marketing
With 3Degrees since 2014
B.A. Ethics, Politics, Economics, Yale University; MBA, University of California, Berkeley

Post college, Katie made her way out West to join the burgeoning software industry. But it was a business trip to India that awoke her passion for addressing climate change. The billboards advertising pollution-free buses provided a powerful reminder that there was an issue more fundamental to global prosperity than supplying the world with information and communication technologies: how to sustainably power the world’s needs.

Her career change began with an MBA, an internship at SunPower, and a project researching LED lighting systems in rural Indian villages. For the next five years, she worked at PG&E helping pioneer tax equity financing investments for distributed generation (the first utility in the U.S. to do so). She started her career at 3Degrees leading strategy and innovation. Today, she serves as Vice President of Marketing, managing a team that is responsible for capturing customer insights and delivering high-quality marketing solutions to clients that drive awareness, engagement and impact.

Outside of work, Katie can be found exploring San Francisco with her husband and their three kids. In any remaining free time, Katie appreciates a healthy dose of R&R (reading and running).

Kathy Coffey
Board Member
Kathy Coffey with 3Degrees
3Degrees board member since 2012
B.A. Economics, Wellesley College; MBA, University of Virginia

Kathy is a member of the 3Degrees Board and President and Chief Operating Officer of ARB. ARB is an investment company that holds and manages a portfolio of private company, private equity fund and project equity investments in the environmental and renewable energy sectors. She also sits on the boards of SunLink Corporation, Natural Systems Utilities and American Refining Group.

Prior to joining ARB, Kathy was managing director with Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown’s investment banking group, a partner at Seven Hills LLC and a managing director at FTV Capital.

She is a contributor to Great from the Start, How Conscious Corporations Attract Success (a business book for entrepreneurs) and has a self-published photo book, Lost. Kathy is a long-time volunteer with the San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program.